Rhinoplasty FAQ

When can I exercise after a nose surgery?

When it comes to physical activities, you should be patient and careful as to when and how you can get back to exercising after rhinoplasty. For at least 2 weeks after the surgery, you are not allowed to do any workouts or exercises, but to walk. Lifting heavy objects is also prohibited. Within the 3rd to 6th week, you can slowly begin to do low-impact activities such as biking. After 3-6 months, you can freely go back to high-impact exercises and resume your gym life.

When can I return to work after rhinoplasty?

Patients with a desk job can go back to work after around 9-14 days. However, you should follow the doctor’s orders and stick to the post-op aftercare tips even at work.For more details

How long should I wear tape after revision rhinoplasty?

After revision rhinoplasty, the tape needs to be left on the nose for the same amount of time as the primary surgery. Just as with primary nose job, you should leave the tape on for about 1 to 2 months after removing the cast. For patients with abnormal crookedness, this period might extend to 3 to 5 months.

How long should I stay in Iran to get my rhinoplasty done?

You will need to stay around 7 to 10 days in Iran to get your nose surgery done. You will be taken good care of during this whole time. Your doctor will remove the splint from your nose after 6-7 days from the operation date. A tape will be put on your nose and you can fly back home afterwards.